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You believe in doing a job the right way. That's why we built this tractor to work as long and as hard as you need it to. The Yanmar SA324 is the ideal compact tractor when you need versatility. Equipped with a famously reliable Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine, the SA324 delivers a unique combination of horsepower and fuel efficiency.

    Unrivaled versatility
    • Lift more. Dig deeper. Cut faster. You'll be able to use a wide range of attachments to get the most out of what your property has to offer. SA Series tractors provide the flexibility to handle any job around your property. Here's a quick look at the SA324 features:
    • Hydrostatic transmission with dual pedals for simplified operation
    • Power steering for less operator fatigue
    • Power takeoff (PTO) and three-point hitch for attachments
    • 24 horsepower
    Built Together To Work Together
    • SA Series tractors pack the power you'd expect from much larger tractors. That means the SA324 can do serious work with a front-end loader, a hydraulic backhoe and three-point hitch attachments for mowing, tilling, planting, digging, plowing and so much more.
    • Yanmar designs and builds the major components - engine, front axle, transmission and final drive - to work together. We also smoothly integrate these features and optional attachments so you can get more work done quickly:
    • Yanmar-designed front-end loader, with class-leading lift capacity of 1,200 pounds and quick-attach for buckets, forks and other attachments
    • 60-inch, mid-mount, drive-over mower
    • Dual hydraulic pumps • Smooth hydraulic power steering
    • One touch-on/off, electro-hydraulic, independent rear PTO
    • Battery: 540 CCA
    • Bore and Stroke in. (mm): 3.15x3.30 in. (80x84 mm)
    • Cooling system: Water cooled
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Gross Power: 23.4 hp (17.8 kW)
    • Maker: Yanmar
    • Maximum Torque ft.lbs. (Nm): 45.7 ft.lb. (62.0 Nm)
    • Model: 3TNV80F
    • Number of cylinders: 3
    • PTO Power at Zero Speed: 21.7 hp (16.2 kW)
    • Rated RPM: 3,200 rpm
    • Total displacement: 77.2 cu.in. (1.266 L)
    • Type: 24 Engine Horsepower Diesel Tractor
    • Engine Coolant: 3.0 qt. (2.8 L)
    • Engine Oil: 3.6 qt. (3.4 L)
    • Front Axle Oil: 0.92 gal. (3.5 L)
    • Fuel tank: 6.1 gal. (23.0 L)
    • Transmission Oil: 4.1 gal. (15.5 L)
    • 2WD/4WD engagement: Selectable
    • Brakes: Wet disc
    • Transmission type: Hydrostatic, 2 Range Speeds
    • 3-point hitch: Limited Category 1
    • 3-point lift capacity at 24" (61 cm): 1,209 lbf. (548 kgf)
    • 4-way loader control valve: Standard
    • Hydraulic Control System: Position Control, Open Center
    • Power steering: Fully Hydraulic
    • Pump capacity (implement) @ Rated: 3.7 gpm (14.1 L/min)
    • Pump capacity (steering) @ Rated RPM: 4.3 gpm (16.1 L/min)
    • System Pressure psi (MPa): 2,439 psi (16.7 MPa)
    • Ground Clearance (with R4 Tires): 8.5 in. (215 mm)
    • Minimum Turning Radius ft. (m): 8.5 ft. (2.6 m)
    • Overall Height (with Folded ROPS, R4 Tires): 70.4 in. (1,789 mm)
    • Overall height (with R4 Tires): 85.8 in. (2,180 mm)
    • Overall Height (with R4 Tires, Top Of Steering Wheel): 55.3 in. (1,405 mm)
    • Overall length (with 3PH and R4 Tires): 105.8 in. (2,688 mm)
    • Weight (with ROPS, R4 Tires, Full Fluid): 1,715 lb. (778 kg)
    • Wheelbase: 63.0 in. (1,600 mm)
    • Width (with R4 Tires): 54.6 in. (1,387 mm)
    Tire size
    • Industrial (R4) - Front: 23 x 8.50-12 4PR
    • Industrial (R4) - Rear: 12-16.5 10PR
    • Turf (R3) - Front: 23 x 8.50-12 4PR
    • Turf (R3) - Rear: 33 x12.5-16.5 4PR
    Traveling speeds
    • Forward (with R1 Tires): mph (kmh) Low: 0-5.9 (0-9.4), High: 0-12.3 (0-19.6)
    • Reverse (with R1 Tires): mph (kmh) Low: 0-4.1 (0-6.6), High: 0-8.5 (0-13.7)
    • Mid Shaft: SAE16/32, 15 Splines
    • Mid Speed/Engine RPM: 2,057/3,200
    • Mid Type: Independent
    • Power Take Off (PTO) Power HP (kW): 18.1 hp (13.5 kW)
    • Rear Shaft Size: 35 mm OD, 6 Splines
    • Rear Speed/Engine RPM: 554/3,200
    • Rear Type: Independent
    • Type: Hydraulic Clutch
    • Attachments: 1-year limited warranty
    • Power train (Engine and transmission core components): 5 years or 2,500 hours
    • Tractor (Private Individual Usage): 24 months or 2,000 hours
    Available Attachments
    • Box & Scraper Blades: Think earthmover. Easily carve into sod and dirt with reversible cutting edges that move and cut in both forward and reverse. Hardened scarifier teeth with replaceable tips handle the toughest digging and box scrapers an even more versatile grading and earthmoving tool.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Disc Harrows: Big farm tillage technology fit for your compact tractor. From primary tillage, gardening and food plots to firebreaks and weed control, there's no faster way to make you and your tractor more productive.
    • Finish Mowers: The innovative rounded-front, tapered-side, rear-discharge deck allows you to reduce trim and mow with better maneuverability. The heat-treated, alloy steel blades always give you a beautiful, high-precision cut on any type of grass.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Flexwing Rotary Cutter: An innovative design --purpose-built for smaller, more fuel-efficient tractors -- gives you acreage-eating cutting width matched to your higher horsepower compact tractor. Make short work of pasture brush control, waterway maintenance, or municipal vegetation management.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Food Plot Seeder: Yanmar food plot seeders give you the tool you need to establish, maintain and replant any volume of food plots, plus the flexibility to handle a range of other seeding and planting tasks. These seeders offer three seed box options to fit the widest possible selection of seed types.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Grading Scraper: Think road grader. Turn driveways, show arenas and baseball diamonds into works of art with these heavy-duty grading scrapers. Crafted to handle more materials in fewer passes.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Posthole Digger: With their heavy-duty, welded construction, rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearing, spring-loaded seals and forged-steel teeth, these posthole diggers won't back down from tough soil conditions.*See dealer for auger pricing.
    • Landscape Rakes: These ruggedly durable landscape rakes can handle everything - they're highly versatile -- from the toughest cleanup jobs to the precision raking you demand for lawn care and general maintenance.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Precision Seeder: Yanmar precision seeders give you the flexibility to handle primary seeding, over-seeding, and special applications such as planting native grasses and establishing food plots. These seeders offer three seed box options to fit the widest possible selection of seed types.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Quick Hitch: Make quick work of changing from one three-point hitch attachment to another, many times without even leaving the seat of your tractor. Compatible with most Yanmar attachments.
    • Rear Blades: Possibly the most popular three-point-mounted implement ever invented. Scrape, grade and level almost any playing field. Quickly and easily adjust the angle, tilt, angle and offset to make short work of any job.*see dealer for options pricing
    • Rotary Cutters: The one tool that probably puts more hours on compact tractors than any other. A rotary cutter sized for your compact tractor helps make short work of anything that's growing where you don't want it to. For pastures, woodlands and "brush hogging".*see dealer for options pricing
    • Rotary Tiller: Go from waste ground to mellow-soiled garden in a couple of passes. Durable rotary tillers on your compact tractor handle whatever planting, gardening and landscaping challenges you tackle.
    • Snow Blowers: Move large amounts of snow in small amounts of time with these rugged, dependable snowblowers. Purpose-built especially for subcompact and compact tractors, each features a two-stage design that provides more throwing force with less horsepower.*see dealer for options pricing

    May be shown with optional equipment



    Engine Manufacturer
    Engine Type
    23.4 hp (17.8 kW)
    PTO HP
    18.1 hp (13.5 kW)
    Rated RPM
    3,200 rpm
    Bore and Stroke
    3.15x3.30 in. (80x84 mm)


    63.0 in. (1,600 mm)
    85.8 in. (2,180 mm)
    54.6 in. (1,387 mm)
    1,715 lb. (778 kg)
    Ground Clearance
    8.5 in. (215 mm)


    Fuel Capacity
    6.1 gal. (23.0 L)
    Hydrostatic, 2 Range Speeds
    Wet disc

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